16th January 2020

Mobile app developer wanted - please send your portfolio and Linkedin profile.

Specification: C# with Unity
Target: to rebuild the whole app

Must have:

1. Believe in the project - truly help end user.
2. Willing to exceed what is there.
3. Keep up with new Unity versions.
4. Experience in how to build for all device sizes.

Advance features needed:

- Improve game challenge.
- Send rotatory daily notifications.
- Reduce number of screens to a minimum.
- Bring app to the minimalistic standard of our main project, which is where the app came from.

Option 1: 50% split revenue for the life of the app. Please check full terms with us.
Option 2: Name your fee and we will get back to you.

I have a thorough and extensive marketing campaign on the go, but I need a developer that I can rely on, before I get started.

16th August 2019

Finally the update was released after 6 months. Unfortunately my colleague (developer) decided to quit on 24th July. This means I have to get a Unity developer who can help me fix and improve the app.

I have a lot of things on this project, I will resume the social media activity as soon as I can. Don't be surprised if I appear with one less kidney! (they cost a fortune) In the meantime, I need a break!

18th February 2019

I wished I could tell you all the things that we are planning!

WHAT: new look, new features!
WHEN: from mid July 2019 or so, sorry for the delay!
HOW: version 2.1.4 coming.