2022 update released

We will release new features in 2024.

30th December 2021

Life has delayed this project for at least 6 months. This project is certainly always alive in the background, we will release a new version in 2022

16th August 2019

Finally the update was released after 6 months. Unfortunately I have to get a new Unity developer who can help me fix and improve the app.

I have a lot of things on this project, I will resume the social media activity as soon as I can. Don't be surprised if I appear with one less kidney! (they cost a fortune) In the meantime, I need a break! However long it takes, I'll sort it out.

18th February 2019

I wished I could tell you all the things that we are planning!

WHAT: new look, new features!
WHEN: from mid July 2019
HOW: version 2.1.4 coming.