You might be strong now, but someone or something, might eventually break you. Let's cushion that.



I think it's a really good idea to self-reflection and more self-awareness.... I also like the calming sound of sea waves, it always fits and it goes well with the anchor theme.


This app is a fun way to remind yourself of all the things we ought to do to keep us fit and healthy, both physically and mentally. I especially like the feature that allows me to save a daily happy moment


I really like this app. I've had some issues recently and my doc recommended I try some mindfulness/relaxation, etc. It's a nice touch that you can add happy moments to your diary day too. You can look back and see things weren't all bad. Nice Touch.

Jay A

There are some lovely things. Broadly speaking, the tone used to talk and instruct the user is nice. It’s friendly and helpful and comforting. They make sense, it’s very much like a video game and as an adult (44 years old) I like it too. I liked the idea of the questions every day - that seems promising. Also the happy memory idea is nice. The boat game is very satisfying. I genuinely enjoyed navigating around the maze collecting coins and seeing the words appear. This could be a useful comforting 10 minutes in a day when you feel the world is falling around you. I can see you have put a lot of work into it and you should be proud of it.


My doc really has recommended some mindfulness apps and stuff to me recently. I showed him your app a couple of weeks ago and he said it was a good concept about making people more mindful about their eat/drink/exercise/sleep habits. Loving the sentence of the day.


I like it. Has wee games involved with some good tips to remind you not to get too stressed about stuff, the daily quotes are a great idea too. Keep at it hun!


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